Wines of Lake Garda

Our farming business is located in Bardolino, a charming tourist town in the province of Verona. Bardolino lies between the eastern shore of Lake Garda and the morainic hills of the hinterland. The proximity of the lake means that the climate is always mild. The landscape includes green vineyards, silvery olive trees and soaring cypress trees. Thanks to the unique features of this territory and native grape varieties, we can produce the typical fresh and fruity wines of the Lake Garda area.

Our vineyard is situated on land, configured like an amphitheatre, overlooking the lake. It has east-west sun exposure and is sheltered to the north by the Rocca del Garda (mountainous hill). It provides effective protection from cold winds, especially during harsh winters.

Some deep underground spring water pockets provide the soil with that minimum amount of moisture required for the vineyards, even in periods of drought. The vineyard is organised in well-spaced rows, just like little lanes, where it is a wonderful experience to walk along and caress its vine shoots.

The vines were planted according to an ancient system whereby the vine shoots are left to grow vertically and freely so they can be lulled by the wind and can absorb all the heat of the sun.