Brut millesimato sparkling wine
Metodo classico

Blanc de Noirs Brut

Type:Black grapes vinified by the white wine method
Disgorgement:After 24 - 28 months of maturation.
Grapes:Pinot Nero 80%, Corvina 20%
Wine type:Bianco Brut
Harvesting:Hand-picked into 15-kg crates
Pressing:Soft pressing of whole grapes, with cold maceration.
Total acidity:6.50 gr/l
Residual sugars:8.0 gr/l
Pressure:over 4 BAR
Base wine vinification

The grapes are hand-picked into 15-kg crates to ensure that the grape clusters remain intact until they are pressed. This is required to create an elegant and delicate sparkling wine base.
Primary fermentation takes place in steel tanks at a temperature of 15°C, followed by aging on the fine lees for 60 days with weekly batonnage.

Adding the liqueur de tirage

After the aging process, the Cuvée is created that will then undergo secondary fermentation in the bottle. This is achieved by mixing the wines obtained from each vineyard intended to make this product. Nature does not give us the same characteristics every year, so we need to know how to search for them intensely in the various soils and vineyards.

Secondary fermentation

This takes place in the bottle with selected neutral yeasts to preserve the original typicality of the wine.


24 months on the yeasts, in bottles stored at a constant temperature in our wine cellar.

RiddlingAfter maturation, the bottles, on wood wine racks, undergo a daily riddling process by hand for 40 days.

Store the bottles horizontally at a maximum temperature of 18°C, and keep away from sources of light.

Blanc de Noirs Brut: Metodo Classico sparkling wine, hand-picked grapes, aged in steel tanks for 6 months, and then in the bottle for 24 months.

The ideal serving temperature is 6-8°C,
cool but not ice cold.

Pour the wine slowly, slanting the glass
towards the bottle to prevent the formation of too much foam
and to maintain the right amount of effervescence for the sparkling wine.