Rosé wine

Gran Rosè

Type:Black grapes vinified by the rosé wine method
Grapes:Corvina 100%
Harvesting:Hand-picked into 15-kg crates
Pressing:Delicate pressing of whole grapes - Crémant method
Total acidity:7.00 gr/l
Residual sugars:6.00 gr/l

Store the bottles at a maximum temperature of 18°C, and keep away from sources of light.

Gran Rosé: rosé wine, hand-picked grapes, pressed whole, aged in steel tanks for 6 months, and then in the bottle for 6 months.

The ideal serving temperature is 10-14°C,
cool but not ice cold.

Serve at a temperature of 10-14°C.
Do not serve this wine too cold, since it would lose all its aromas.